Bio Glucomannan

Bio Glucomannan

120 konjac glucomannan appetite-suppressant capsules. High dosage, vegan, organic
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Food supplements based on the superfood konjac glucomannan

The organic glucomannan capsules can help with weight loss * as part of a calorie-reduced diet (see instructions). Take two appetite-suppressant capsules, three times a day, with plenty of water before meals. You will feel full after just a small portion of your favorite food. 3000 mg corresponds to a high daily dose. The capsules contain the extract of the konjac root and are thus 100% natural as well as calorie-free. Cnsidered a food supplement, the konjac capsules have been developed by European experts in laboratory-tested quality - 120 capsules. Content: 84 g.
  • Organic
  • High dosage
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan, high-fiber, carb-reduced, gluten-free
  • Sugar-free
* Unsuitable for consumers who experience difficulty swallowing and for children.

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15.95 per pouch (ea. 84g)
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The best way to take the konjac capsules
The positive effect of glucomannan is achieved with a daily intake of two capsules with each of three main meals. Take the capsules in combination with 1 - 2 glasses of water before meals. Due to the great swelling properties of glucomannan, our products are unfortunately not suitable for children and consumers with swallowing difficulties, as there is otherwise a risk of choking. Of course, konjac is not an absolute magic bullet. A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle still play a major role*.


Extrait de konjac (88% Konjac Glucomannan), enveloppe de la capsule : hydroxypropylméthylcellulose (HPMC), poudre de cacao

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This product is:

Low carb
This poduct contains less than 1 g carbs per 100g prepared.
Fully vegan
Our products do not contain animal-based ingredients.
Aids weight loss *
Glucomannan aids weight loss when consumed as part of a low calorie diet.
See recommended intake
No artificial coloring or flavor enhancers
100% natural. We avoid using anything but the essentials in this product.
Gluten free
This product does not contain any type of grain and is suitable for gluten intolerance sufferers.
Allergen free
This product does not contain any allergens as per EU Directive 45/2013 5
GMO free
Because who would want that?
Normal cholesterol levels
The fiber glucomannan contained in konjac helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.
See recommended intake
This product is 100% organic
No additives
100% natural. We avoid using anything but the essentials in this product.

This product is not:

Kosher / Halal certified (no)
As a startup company, the costs of obtaining this certification are too high at present.
Fully local (no)
The konjac plant only grows in tropical regions of South East Asia.
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