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Hi there, Shileos!

It's been a while since my last blog post - we've had a plethora of orders, which despite being a fantastic thing, it’s kept myself and the team very busy!

Every day we receive a lot of personal messages with questions, feedback, and sometimes page-long assessments of our products and service. The fact that you take time out of your busy lives to write to us gives me a wonderful feeling! I adore receiving your messages, although sometimes it takes a little longer for me to reply than I’d like. As a result of your feedback we’ve already been able to improve our website and products a lot, such as serving sizes, preparation instructions or recipe ideas. A massive thank you to you - you’re just fabulous!

In this blog post I wanted to focus particularly on the questions which tend to be repeated. Here’s my answers to the top five!

What is konjak?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked if konjak is an alcoholic tipple. Of course you’re likely aware by now that konjak has nothing to do with the brandy-based spirit Cognac. It’s rather an Asian lily plant from which the tubers are processed, creating a low-calorie, high-fibre flour, and is the main ingredient of all Shileo konjak noodles and konjak rice.

Originally konjak noodles were consumed solely in Japan, not only due to their low-calorie properties, but mostly due to their general health-promoting qualities making it an integral part of the Asian cuisine diet.

In the last couple of years, the knowledge of the ‘miracle noodles’ reached Germany, where they are almost exclusively tainted with a faint smell of a fishy lake. Since this is not palatable for the majority of Germans, we searched high and low around Asia to find a supplier that sells konjak in its dried form, which is much more neutral in taste and smell. As a result, when combined with high-quality spices and ingredients, it makes losing weight not just easy, but delicious too!

Can I actually lose weight with Konjak?

Absolutely! My co-founder Cyrille lost almost 10kg within 8 months, just by regularly replacing his standard meals with a Shileo konjak-based dish.

Of course don’t just take our word for it - the European Food Authority (EFSA) have carried out their own experiments and officially concluded in their Health Claim Regulation statement that konjak does indeed help with weight loss*.

Unfortunately however, one food product cannot guarantee weight loss, as there are many variables which can affect a person’s progress. So as not to to mislead our beloved readers, we have to add the weird asterisk after each mention that konjak helps with weight loss*. It does drive us a little crazy when writing our website content, however it’s fair to say that konjak is not likely to be very effective for losing weight if also eating high-calorie foods whilst not exercising either.

The huge advantage of konjak is that nutritionally one can feast on as much of it as you like, simply because it’s so low in calories. For example, to reach the adult recommended daily calorie intake, one would need to eat 9kg of cooked Shileo noodles. This might well be possible, if it wasn’t for the fibre content of the rice or noodles, which swells in the stomach and makes one feel full well before finishing all 9kg of them!

What is this glucomannan anyway?

I must admit that I learned this term while first researching into Konjak. Glucomannan is a water-soluble fibre, which is what the konjak root mostly consists of. It’s also the element which provides the majority of konjak’s powerful health-benefitting qualities, such as aid with weight loss*.

Where can I buy Shileo Konjak Noodles?

The easiest is here on our web shop -, which was programmed completely by Cyrille. It’s really quite handy when you have a talented co-founder who can turn thoughts and ideas into reality. Well, virtual reality at least!

You can also find our raw products on We’d be happy to hear any suggestions.

What makes Shileo Konjak Noodles and Konjak Rice different from other products?

There are indeed many differences! Should you happen to hold a Shileo product in your hand right now, then rip it open and stuff your nose into it. What do you smell? Well - of course if you’re sniffing our Happy Date product or the like, then you’ll smell our 1001 Night Spice mix, which is our special combination of flavours that will be enriching your senses :) However if it’s either our raw Roooaaar Rice or raw Roooaaar Pasta, you’ll smell virtually nothing!

In contrast to the other konjak products out there on the market, ours has been dried beforehand making them practically odourless.

Being dried means that any flavours when the noodles or rice are cooked are absorbed fully, making them even tastier. Additionally, unlike the other konjak products on the market our Shileo konjak noodles and rice are actually 100% konjak as opposed to being made up of mostly water when purchasing them.

Your Anja
Founder & Shileo Fan # 1

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